Fashion isn’t just a style, it’s an expression of who you are, to express yourself in how you dress; to speak without saying a word.

It’s this mantra that inspired international fashion designer Nermine Abdel Khalek from the very beginning to approach fashion differently and create her very own fashion line, taking the world by storm and earning her over the years multiple awards for her artistic and elegant concepts that left onlookers impressed and craving for more, most recently at the 2018 World Fashion Show where Nermy’s out of the box approach earned her first place and the respect of fellow fashion icons and fashionistas alike.

We didn’t just want to be another fashion house, we wanted to turn creativity into a bold statement of glamour, gracefully tailoring passion and beauty into the perfect outfit.

Inspired by artisanal retreats around the globe, each collection tells a unique story visible down to the last thread, giving off a classy yet chic look that transforms any occasion into your stage to truly express the real you.


We aim to be the definition of creative glamour that thinks outside the box, letting you realize your true beauty and charm in what you wear.


Rediscovering yourself in what you wear, using fashion as a bold form of expressing who you really are and having all eyes on you.